It was as early as July 1953, when the State of Andhra was settling down with its new identity in the brave young Republic of India, that Little Flower High School was established. With all their noble ideals and aspirations, the founding fathers perhaps never thought that the institution would grow to become a landmark in the modern city of Hyderabad. The Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel under the able guidance of Rev. Bro. John of God set up the school with Rev. Bro. Britto as its first Principal. It was the need of the hour then, to provide sound education to a new generation of an independent nation. All Saints' High School at Gunfoundry, established in 1855 was finding it difficult to cater to the perennial demand for admissions. Thus a new school was set up just across the main street, to mark the centenary celebrations of All Saints.

The land was first leased out by the Diocese of Hyderabad for 99 years. Later the ownership was transferred to the Society of the Montfort Brothers. Classes were started in temporary sheds from Kindergarten to Class VIII with two sections each. By 1957 there were classes till X with three sections each. It was recognised officially by the Government on the 16th of July 1960 under the Recognition No. 645/G1/60 as a minority institution. It received the ceiling grant up to September 1963.The institution followed the HSLC course and later had the multi-purpose scheme from 1963 and came back to the SSC course according to the changing trends of the educational system. It has been followed all the rules and regulations set by the State Government with some autonomous powers granted to the Minority institution.

Ever since those first few steps it has been a forward march led by noble and farsighted educationists. Each of the Principals have contributed their valuable services not only in the infrastructure growth but also in planning and carrying out a comprehensive programme of child development. Humanistic values and academic excellence have always gone hand in hand.

Among the first buildings to be erected were the High School Block and the Main Building during the rectorate of Bro. Britto and Bro. Martialis from 1953 to 1964. Later during the rectorate of Bro. Dominic the Kindergarten Block was constructed. In 1972 when Bro. Vincent De Paul (1972-1975, 1976-1977) became the Rector, the New Building which comprises the students' dining hall, the indoor games hall and the Brothers' quarters was made. During the tenure of Bro. Claude (1979-1984) the Middle School Block with an in-built stage was built. Realisingthat students needed to be trained for entry into Professional Colleges, the Junior College was established in 1974 by Rev. Bro. Vincent De Paul. The students won top ranks in the State. Later, the campus had to be shifted to Uppal in 1982. With the passing of time, new developments and improvements were a matter of constant vigil and care. Bro. C. J. Thomas (1984-1990), improved the audio - visual equipment, the science Laboratory, and the acoustics in the auditorium and provided a library full of latest books on Sciences and Humanities. During the rectorate of Bro. C T. Paul (1990-1992), a complete computer centre with qualified staff was set up and computer classes were incorporated into the time table.