The General body meeting of LifloS Association will be held on August 15, 2014 at 4.00 p.m in the school premises

We are happy to inform you that the general body meeting of LifloS Association is being held on the August 15, 2014 in the school premises at 4 PM. It has been over two and half years that this executive committee has been in office and as per the bylaws of LifloS, it is mandatory that elections are conducted. In this context a general body meeting of all the Alumni members is being called on August 15 at 4 PM.

Over the last two years, it has been observed that the younger members of LIFLOS that is the batches 2005 ~2014 are quite eager to participate in the liflos activities. To give them an entry into the executive committee of my posts, it is mandatory that certain amendments in the bylaws need to be carried out and it is for this purpose a special invitation is being extended to all the batches mentioned above to be a part of this general body meeting. We plan to induct at least four members into the executive committee of the LIFLOS two of them being girls students of the yester years. This proposal is to be tabled and passed which can happen only when members participate in large numbers, Registration of Members will also be done on the same day . Life Members Ordinary is Rs.300/- per student of the last 5 years batches i.e., 2009 to 2014 and all the other alumni will have to remit Rs.500 /- for becoming a life member. This is a one-time registration fee.

I'm sure you would understand that some fees need to be collected in order to pursue the objectives of the Association which is basically to support our alma mater and the society at large.

It is in this context, that the GBM is being held. In this GBM, all the positions in the executive committee comprising of the Pres, VP, Gen Sec, Treas and executive members will be open for election Alumni desiring to be a part of this executive committee may kindly send in their names with full details of the batch (year of passing out) with at least two members (Alumni) proposing your name. However Alumunus filing their nominations may kindly ensure that the two proposers are physically available during the general body meeting on the 15th August, 2014.

This intimation may kindly be treated as a notification and all the members of LIFLOS are requested to attend this general body meeting. We also request you to post this communication to all your batch mates either by e-mail or through Facebook posts in your respective pages.

The meeting will resume sharply at 4 PM on the set date and the chairman of the liflos, the principal of the school will chair the proceedings of the day. The bylaws of the Association is also attached for your perusal.

Any concerns, enquiries regarding this general body meeting may kindly be addressed to the Principal of Little Flower High School by e-mail ID to or to the President of the LIFLOS by mail to


For further details, contact the school office at 040-23202675

The students of the institution have contributed to society in their various positions as responsible citizens. Several of them are eminent in their
field of work. The following are a few of them Dr. Eugene Mascarenhas -Cardiologist (USA) Mr. Kenneth Gnanaken -Director, ACTS Ministries Dr. Ajit Vigg -Pulmonologist Mr. Arvind Chenji -Leading Photographer Dr. Ravinder Mallick -Dentist Mr. Balakrishna -Actor Mr. V.V.S. Laxman -Cricketer,Arjuna Awardee. Mr. Arshad Ayub -Cricketer Mr. Raymond Peter -I.A.S. Mr. Anirudh Vijay Kumar -Sailor