The Robotics Journey at Little Flower High School

The Robotics Laboratory was set up and the STEM Robotics Programme was initiated in collaboration with the Japanese. Classes are held for students of Class I to Class VIII with a minimal fee of Rs. 2000/- for the higher classes and Rs. 1000/- for the lower classes. Summer Camps and workshops were held regularly to explore and motivate students to participate in this programme. Demonstration by our robotics students during the school assemblies has enabled a growing interest in this field. In the Zonal Level, Robo Cup Competitions our students came out in flying colours bagging the I prize in the ‘On Stage Category’ in the areas of Best Skill, Best Technical Skills, Overall Best Performance and being Creative and Innovative.




Master Arnav Jaiswal Exhibiting Robotic Talent to the childrens


Robotic Workshop conducted by 'STEM ROBOTICS' Japanies Company
- Dr. Namoora intracting with the students


Mr. Reinya Kikuchi, Chairman of STEM ROBOTICS intracting with the students:


Media persons intracting with the National Robo Cup winners team & Principal:


Media Coverage about National Level Robo Cup Winner


State Level Robotics Competition held at Little Flower High School:


Sports Authority of Telangana State chairman Sri.Venkateshwar Reddy was felicitated
Master Arnav Jaiswal for his achievements in National Robocup Winner.
We are very proud of our students Master Arnav Jaiswal, Class VIII, Master
Shreyas Bisara, Class VIII and Master Mallarapu Chakravarthy, Class VIII for
having represented Team India in the International Robo Cup 2018 Competition
at Montreal, Canada. Participants from 44 countries have taken part in this competition.
They were accompanied by Rev. Bro. Anil Reddy,our Vice Principal and parents of
the team members.


   National Robo Cup Winners of Little Flower High School