The School Uniform consists of Navy Blue short pants (Boys) / pinafore (Girls) beige coloured blue checked shirts. Boys and Girls must wear black leather shoes, black socks, school belt and tie. Girls should tie up their hair with black ribbons. On Wednesdays and Saturdays the uniform will be white short pants (Boys) / skirts (Girls) with yellow T-shirts. White canvas shoes and white socks and girls have to tie up their hair with white ribbons.


The school uniform consists of Khakhi Trousers and White Shirt (Boys) Khakhi Pinafore and White Shirts (Girls) plus Black Leather Shoes, Black Socks, School Belt, Neck Tie and the House Flaps. Girl students should tie up their hair with black ribbons and on Wednesdays and Saturdays with white ribbons.

The shades and pattern of the uniform must be as prescribed by the school which is displayed in the school premises. It is compulsory for boys from classes VII to X to follow the school pattern for their trousers i.e. two pleats on either side just below the waist (belt). Only white canvas shoes are permitted and not tennis shoe. Students are allowed to wear only plain black and white socks.

Students are required to wear the school uniform on all working days.

A students who comes to school without the right uniform should produce a note of excuse, duly signed by the parents.

Students should cut their nails regularly, wear clean uniform, ribbons and socks and well polished shoes.

Students are not allowed to apply mehandi or colours on the hands or tattoos on the body.