•         The process of education is a dynamic, purposeful and socially relevant one. All that happens in the school and outside, events of the past and present are transformed into a learning experience. Curriculum is made vibrant by the active involvement of the students in project work, experiments and other assignment works. Many co-curricular activities are planned in Literary, Cultural, Sports and Games to tap, nurture and develop talents to a level of excellence, keeping the students highly motivated. The Grade Point Average is calculated for every student taking into consideration academics, literary, cultural, sports and games activities, discipline, punctuality, regularity to class, attitude towards school, teachers and fellow pupils. Inculcation of desirable values, concern for the underprivileged, and a deep spiritual culture are our guiding principles.

            Our teaching strategies and evaluation systems are constantly being evolved to meet the changing needs of the society. A genuine effort is made to inculcate a positive attitude towards the underprivileged by taking up various service-oriented programmes.